Korporal Webdesign, by new media artist • Maria Korporal, specializes in websites for small businesses and portfolio sites for artists and cultural activities. In the section • all websites are presented her major sites.
Korporal Webdesign also offers graphic design services, which include the creation of leaflets and brochures, business cards, posters and flyers, trademarks and / or logos, letterheads.

Maria, you have demonstrated again and again your great professionalism and creativity, working on the restyling of our website. You have found wonderful and creative solutions for all our needs. It is always a pleasure working with you. You have a unique positive attitude towards all kind of problems and can solve all of them with your knowledge and experience. We thank you also on behalf of our customers, we always hear very positive feedback about our site. Thank you for the excellent work!
L'Argania • www.largania.it

I want to tell that I know Maria for about 30! years. We studied together and so we learned to know each other in many ways. As a student Maria was a strong and wayward person and she still is by now in her work and personality. Always hard working for her passion but never forgetting to laugh, she developed her style, went straight and stronger. Because of her long experience in the animation techniques as well as in her artwork she developed a broad view. For building websites she has the ability to combine the best of different worlds. For me Maria is an intelligent and special friend. She is a good listener, can bring creative ideas and solve any problem.
Klaartje Scheer • www.klaartjescheer.nl

Sono molto molto contenta di aver avuto il privilegio di un sito sistemato da un'artista come te, intelligente, capace di comprendere al volo, con una vitalità, un energia, una qualità nella organizzazione del lavoro ammirevole!
Maria, sei una professionista di estrema competenza, sensibilità e affidabilità. Grazie!
Libera Mazzoleni • www.liberamazzoleni.it

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the renewed website of Red Basil
on-line shop will be active soon

the website of photographer
Marzena Brandt

the renewed website of
Isabella Nurigiani

the website of L'Argania,
desktop and mobile

the website of artist Libera Mazzoleni, restyled and rebuilt

new project on the website of
Giovanna Natalini

the website of Apeiron Editori, in 4 languages

the website of
Natural Vision

the website of Dutch artist
Klaartje Scheer

the website of photographer
Astrid Astra Indricane